Glow Up!

Advice ‘But you don’t look gay.’ Ah, how many times I’ve heard these words. As a femme lesbian with shoulder length hair who often partakes in a smudge of lipstick, I’ve been told countless times that I really should look gayer. I’m confusing. How are people supposed to quickly and accurately categorise me if I… Continue reading Glow Up!


Wish You Were Queer

Advice You’ve seen a girl. She’s cute, she’s funny, she listens to exactly the same kind of music as you and when she looks at you it’s as if you’ve been living without the sun until now. Trouble is, you can’t quite figure out if she’s…you know…gay. Unless this is the start of some sort… Continue reading Wish You Were Queer

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Welcome one and all! Queer Talk is a blog aimed at young, queer people who identify as female or non-binary. Here you'll find advice, interviews, musings about the meaning of life, gossip, fashion tips (not from me though, don't worry), news and quizzes. Everything you'd expect from your average girl magazine but SUPER GAY! Watch… Continue reading Hello!